Why is it important to store shoes?

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If you don't take care of your shoes, they will wear out sooner than expected, and the key factor in proper shoe care is storage. Therefore, when you are not using shoes, you should store them in a suitable shoe box.

Shoe storage is associated with risk factors such as exposure to the sun, dust buildup, and air humidity. At the same time, the shoes should be as much as possible to avoid trampling or random piling, because this will change the shape of the shoes. Although you may not store your shoes in a box every day, it's important to store them in a safe and reliable box.

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Shoe boxes are great for protecting your shoes from any form of residue or debris, which can greatly improve the overall life of your shoes. However, if you put them back without washing them, you won't do the shoes any good. Shoes left uncleaned for a long time can cause great damage to your shoes.

Although the general original shoebox has met the basic storage requirements of shoes, plastic shoebox has greater advantages. The original shoebox may be damaged in transit or over time. The plastic shoebox is sturdy and durable, and its transparent design allows you to quickly find the shoes you want. And you can stack them so they don't crush the inside shoes and save storage space.

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Regularly-used shoes are dirtier than you might think, with sweat and bacteria to account for in addition to everyday grime visible to the naked eye. The higher the frequency of shoe use, the higher the content of these factors. Therefore, if daily shoe cleaning is difficult, please try to make sure the shoes are cleaned when they come into the shoe box. Because every pair of shoes you buy because you love them, don't let them leave you too soon.

shoes and save storage space.

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